Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bewitched By... The Bewitching Women in my Life.

Oh my goodness! I was going to write a post about ungrateful children and some issues I have with them, but I got all kinds of distracted today by the "turkey wattle" on my neck! The idea of aging some days just seems so cruel and unfair. I do not feel old. I am only 43. That's not old! ... Right? So why then, is my face falling? My chin is starting to merge into my neck and there is this really gross wrinkling going on on my neck. So, what do I do? I start in with the creams and lotions and oils. And what happens? My "under-chin" breaks out in pimples! Yes ma'am, I now have pimples next to my wrinkles! That is so unfair and just plain wrong on so many levels.

Ok, let's start at the top...
My hair is thinning and graying.
My face is wrinkling.
My hearing is less than ideal.
My vision is... scary while driving. And don't even  get me started on "small print".
The boobies... less than perky. Although, with the right bra they still enter the room before I do.
The mid section has that "belly fat" you hear about on television weight loss ads.
The booty blocks doorways at work and has been the subject of more than one conversation in the work place. *sigh*

Have I painted a decent visual for you? I am "single and looking", but somehow I don't think this is what single men want to read about in personal ads. I remind myself daily that Marilyn Monroe was my size. Elizabeth Taylor had curves. They were beautiful women.

I think we women are our own worst critics and I think many of us spend too much time tearing each other down rather than picking each other up. I have a friend at work who goes out of her way to say something nice about each one of us daily. I love her for that! I have another friend who decided we should text each other something uplifting in our good morning text messages daily because "if we don't do it for each other, who will?" So she sends me messages in the morning that say things like, "Good morning Magical Woman" or "Hello Beautiful." I like that. I like it a lot. These are the bewitching women in my life. My wish for all women, is that you too have women like these in your life.

Today my status on Facebook read, "Feeling motivated to confront the past and let it go. My need for harmony is more important than my drive for understanding. Goodbye... without resentment or grief." I was talking about the first chapter of my life, and about those two ungrateful children. But I think I shall attempt to apply this to several other aspects of my life. Goodbye... to unrealistic ideals and the idea that you can look anything like the airbrushed celebrities you see on magazine covers. Goodbye... to the unrealistic idea of "perfection". You don't need a 20 year old's perfect body or a perfectly unlined face to feel beautiful. Maybe age, wrinkles, body fat, and a loss of hearing are sometimes required for harmony. And beauty. The absence of resentment and grief and the addition of harmony certainly makes me feel beautiful. And that, my beautiful friends, is more important to me than the opinion of any man!

So there you have it, Charlene's secrets to youth and beauty!

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